Good practices

best practice is a method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that is used as a benchmark. In addition, a “best” practice can evolve to become better as improvements are discovered. (wikipedia)

Since our research was on a limited scale we cannot determine whether we have collected best practices. However we have collected good practices in every region. We hope they will inspire you.

These are the good practices from


Good practices from Twente We limit ourselves here to the more or less formal strategies that produce separate strategy documents or parts of documents: –          human capital agenda Twente; –          human capital agenda Top sector policy; –          municipal and regional economic plans and labour market plans Three other initiatives we mention here have more the …

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• To use regional untapped potential the project EQUAL was set up to mobilize migrants, elder employees and help them to get back to jobs • To gain women into engineering the project MINT-Frauen in OWL initiated internships, mentoring programs for young women (already during the education and study time) to introduce them to the …

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 Plan Moderna definition as the new economic development model in Navarra based on talent economy. Moderna is the new Economic Development Model for Navarra: a medium and long term Strategic Regional Plan. For Button project the analysis focuses on Education, talent and human capital: 1) Move towards excellence in Navarre’s Education System, 2) Professional training, …

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In the greater Basel region you can find the following good practices: Basel has the strategy to provide good framework conditions for companies and research institutions as well as to provide a high quality of life. Thus Basel carries out a number of projects within this strategy, such as • To attract and retain qualified …

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Identify your strong features and target your marketing. Flytt hit (Move here) – A project in north of the county. Marketing the Mountain Area to the special target group who loves the snow and the out door life with great opportunities for keeping horses and dogs The best region in Scandinavia – Marketing of Hamar …

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In Gelderland the following good practices have been identified – There are various well-organised local initiatives to accommodate expats, notably in Wageningen and Nijmegen, centred on the University and selected core companies. – Regional labour market coordination takes place in the form of the Education and Labour Market Platforms, coordinating supply and demand at the medium skills level – ‘Talent’ …

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