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The BUTTON project

At a time where innovation and knowledge are at the heart of economic development and prosperity, human capital in the form of highly qualified labour is an essential resource. Better skill levels are needed to stimulate innovation in both private and public sector, and are also vital for other community interests, for instance by securing regional buying power. Many regions in Europe have problems in retaining or attracting this type of labour force.

The BUTTON sub-project assists stakeholders in border-regions to develop incentives to retain and attract highly qualified workers. In close cooperation with all stakeholders involved, it will develop a toolkit for regional authorities.

From January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2012 partners in six European regions will carry out a programme of research, and knowledge building, involving many stakeholders and comparing between the regions.

Objectives of “BUTTON”

  • To create awareness of and gain insight into the processes which lead to the mobility, attraction and retention of highly educated workers and of the trends currently affecting the regional development
  • To acquire and exchange knowledge amongst regional policy makers of general approaches and specific mechanisms targeting the attraction and retention of highly educated workers
  • To tailor regional policies, marketing practices and tools geared to enhancing attractiveness and retention
  • To develop an “attractiveness policy tool” on the web
  • To deliver a sustainable communication structure