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For our case study in the province Gelderland we focussed on the region Wageningen-Arnhem-Nijmegen (WAN)  

Until recently, unemployment did not pose a challenge for the province of Gelderland in which the region of Wageningen-Arnhem-Nijmegen is located. The unemployment rate fluctuated around 3,3% (2006) to 2,8% (2009) which can be considered full employment. This means the regional economy of Gelderland is robust and, until recently, was not really affected by the global economic crisis. The development of the average income and expenditure on Research and Development are above the national average. Only the growth of employment in business services is below average. The region has strong presence of Higher Education.

Structural economic agendas in the area focus on the development of Food Valley in Wageningen and Health Valley in Arnhem-Nijmegen. Health Valley performs relatively poor on entrepreneurship and organisational capacity, but high on talent (due to the importance of foreign students and workers in the medical cluster). Food Valley scores better on entrepreneurship and organisation, and also on public R&D. Both clusters hold significant developments prospects.