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  •  Plan Moderna definition as the new economic development model in Navarra based on talent economy. Moderna is the new Economic Development Model for Navarra: a medium and long term Strategic Regional Plan. For Button project the analysis focuses on Education, talent and human capital: 1) Move towards excellence in Navarre’s Education System, 2) Professional training, 3) Adapt universities, 4) Availability of the best talent and 5) Demographic evolution to support economic development.
  •  The Government of Navarra has created the ‘Talent Bank’ under the International Plan for Navarra in order to make easier the insertion of young people with international experience into Navarra companies.
  •  Within the framework of the Territorial Policy Social Council has been established a Talent Specific Committee which includes representatives of: government, employers, trade unions, universities and experts.
  •  Development of marketing campaigns which emphasize the characteristics of the Navarra region outward.
  • The celebration of the third Agora Talentia Forum with the central theme of fostering talent as the key to get over the economic crisis.
  • IV Plan Tecnológico y de Innovación de Navarra 2012-2015The IV Technology Plan of Navarra seeks to improve business competitiveness, stimulate the acquisition and transformation of knowledge and integrate Navarre innovation in the European and international research level.
  • Plan Internacional de Navarra 2013-2016The International Plan for Navarre (PIN) aims to boost Navarre’s foreign trade sector and make the region an international benchmark in the economic field. It proposes to achieve this goal through: training and raising awareness among Navarra society so that its citizens as a whole are capable of making the most of the opportunities for personal and professional development in a global environment and supporting Navarra companies as they compete throughout the world.
  • Sistema de Indicadores Territoriales de NavarraThe Territorial Indicators System of Navarra (SIOTN) is a tool with a double objective: on one hand, to evaluate the impact of the spatial planning instruments in Navarre, and on the other hand to make easier the decision making on spatial planning issues.
    The structure of the SIOTN has four main axes: Natural and cultural heritage, Urban system, Communications, transports and infrastructures and Coordination. From these axes derive different topics and subtopics, reflected in, approximately, 130 indicators.