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  • Identify your strong features and target your marketing. Flytt hit (Move here) – A project in north of the county. Marketing the Mountain Area to the special target group who loves the snow and the out door life with great opportunities for keeping horses and dogs
  • The best region in Scandinavia – Marketing of Hamar region strong features among high qualified working force. Hamar a small town with urban qualities. An alternative to Oslo, less expensive and great opportunities for out door life around the lake Mjøsa and culture, close to the international airport. Perfect for families with children. (Norwegian love out door life and need access to nature)
  • Involve the inhabitants and potential inhabitants in plans how to increase the attractiveness of the region. Innbyggerrekrutterer – Recruiter- a project which is dedicated to recruit people to move back to their home town-Kongsvinger in the south of Hedmark. The project manager have moved back to his home town and runs a blog about his life in his home town. In that blog the members can leave comments and suggest improvements, which are forwarded to local politicians.