Quality of Life

One of the most important factors defining the attractiveness of a region is the Quality of Life. This is influenced by measures taken or proposed to increase the living conditions and experiences in the region, ranging from basic infrastructure and to more specific provisions like available work and working conditions and amenities (culture, sport, etc.)? These pages will deal with questions like to what extent are these specifically geared to accommodating what are considered as ‘talented’ workers? How is the attractiveness of the region translated in quality of life? Since the QoL is a complex concept open to interpretation we will also deal with how to measure it.
We developed and selected information and tools for the following topics:


Among the motivations for highly skilled labour to move, the attractivity of a region is one of the decisive elements. The attractiveness of regions and cities for residents and visitors alike depends on the quality, cost and availability of specific services and goods. Attractive, competitive and dynamic regions and cities have been a major issue for …

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Measuring QoL

The 20th century established the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as the accepted tool to measure economic progress. However, challenges to the premise of one macro-economic indicator have continued to arise with respect to explaining the different dimensions of ‘progress’. Social and environmental indicators have become as important as economic ones as we seek to define …

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