One of the key players, determinging whether your region is attractive to talent or not, is your private sector. What measures are taken to improve business performance and their role in the attraction, nurturing and employment of talent? Different types of firms have different role. Large firms often have the capacity to develop specific recruitment – including headhunt – policies, training programmes and to improve local living conditions. For SMEs, on the other hand, ‘talent’ presents a key resource for acquiring knowledge, networking, foresight and, through that, boosting innovation
We identified some areas that can help you in creating an environment that will enhance the possibilities of business to contribute to the attractrion and retention of talent.


Business incubators are facilities that provide small, entrepreneurial businesses with affordable space, shared support and business development services. They can help young businesses during their start-up period when they are most financially vulnerable. Comprehensive information on incubators can be found on this site: Incubators can be found across the Brainflow regions. In Twente, incubator activities are part of …

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Research and innovation

All regions host state-of-the art research and innovation policies and projects. Gelderland and Hedmark substantially benefit from their close affiliation with major urban cores, in which they play specific nodal roles (see ‘Incubators‘). Other regions feature more autonomous developments. In Twente, key initiatives are here the Twente Innovation Platform (IPT) and the Twente Innovation Route (strategic agenda). The IPT is an initiative in which regional companies, …

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Retention and Expansion

Research continues to illustrate that the majority of new jobs created come from existing businesses. Business Retention and Expansion ( BR&E for short) is an economic development strategy that focuses on the retention and expansion of existing businesses. Up to 86% of new jobs are created by existing businesses in a community, rather than businesses attracted …

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