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Stakeholder engagement

“Stakeholder engagement and/or participatory practice is increasingly becoming a part of mainstream business practice and central to public policy decision-making and delivery. It is being used as a means to improve communications, obtain wider community support or buy-in for projects, gather useful data and ideas, enhance public sector or corporate reputation, and provide for more sustainable decision-making.

The potential spin-offs from a high quality engagement process include:

  • strengthening of democracy by encouraging more active involvement by communities and other stakeholders
  • improvement in the quality and sustainability of public and private-sector services
  • building greater community cohesion
  • tackling complex problems in public sector service design and delivery

Stakeholder engagement should be at the heart of any “sustainable development” agenda.  Without engaging stakeholders, there can be no common enduring agreement, ownership or support for a particular project. A venture is more likely to succeed, especially in the long-term, if it takes into consideration the environment in which it operates and endeavours to meet the needs of the stakeholders affected by it.”

The follwoing toolkit will help you in engaging stakehloders to improve your policies:

(source http://www.revit-nweurope.org)

Download (PDF, 1.66MB)