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Policy Review

The second element of the research was the Policy Review in two steps:

  • policy inventory, drivers and efficiencies (general evidence)
  • Knowledge exchange through International Network of Expertise

The objective of this alement has been to construct an overview and evaluates examples of what can be considered as “regional attractiveness policies”. Main issues dealt with are the drivers behind the policy, what measures are planned, what would be the expected results in terms of attraction and satisfaction of highly educated people, accomplishments of the results, factors of success and failure.

These are the documents that were produced for our review of policies in the participating regions.

3B Button Policy Review. Final Report
This report analyzes the policies related with talent in project partners regions and contains the methodology used, a summary, policy description and evaluation and recommendations.

3B Button Policy Review. Final Report ANNEX PARTNERS
This report is an annex of the Final Report and compiles all the documents made by the projects partners: documents analysis and the interviews results.

3B Button Policy Review. Final Report ANNEX TABLES DIN A3
This report is the compile of all tables appeared in the Final Report in DIN A3 ready to print it

3B Button Policy Review. Final Report EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
This report presents an executive summary of Component 3B Policy Review results of the Button project.

For each region an analysis was prepared which you can find in the section on the BUTTON project. For each of the regions fact sheets have been produced: Basel, NavarraNRWHedmarkTwente and Gelderland